cit sitxccs008 develop and manage quality customer service practice methods to communicate information

Explain in detaila minimum of threemethods you could use to communicate information about new policies, procedures and expectations to staff?
Staff Meeting: This is one of the most productive and common method to share or inform the staff regarding the new policies, procedures and expectations of staff.
Email: This method of sending email to all staff is also effective as it can be used as to proof or document stating that all were informed about the new policies, procedures and expectations of staff.
Training: This is another method of communication to make sure that the staff are not only informed but also trained in the new policies, procedures and what is expected from them.
Explain in detail how you could make these policies and procedures available to staff and within a workplace?
One can make these policies and procedures available to staff and within a workplace is by sending them email regarding the same, so there are aware of the existence. Than one can put it up on notice boards so everyone can see it, another way of doing it could also be putting it up on the intrenet. One could also put hard copies and hand it out to the staff, call a staff meeting and give training on the how, dos and donts of the policies and procedures.
Explain in detail threemethods you used in your workplace to monitoryour customer service policies and procedures to ensure that the service standards are being met?
Customer feedback: Getting feedback from the customer is a great way to check that the service standards are met because by getting customer survey done, the customer will let us know what service and what is not good. They will let us know if they are happy or unhappy and with that data we can see what needs to be fixed.
Observation: By watching or observing the staff deal with the customers, one can see if the service given to the customers are up to the mark the standard and if more training is needed in order to improve.
Mystery shopper: By having a mystery shopper one can get information on the customers prospect as the mystery shopper will act like a customer and staff would think that the person is actually a mystery shopper and not a genuine customer. It is a very good tool to use to see if the staff are actually following the policy and procedure and what are the problems.
Identify and explain in detailtwo types of internaland two types of external staff trainingyou could implement to enhance customer service in your workplace?
Induction: Induction should be a done to all staff new or staff moving from different roles and should be a detailed one. It is very important to have a good induction program so that staff know what they are supposed to do from day one. It is a good idea to give induction to staff who have joined after a long break and to give refreshers to all staff old and new.
Buddy System: This is a term used when an experienced is buddied up with a new staff. The new staff will shadow the experience on and learn the trade. The experience one will teach and explain the how and dos in the job and this is a good strategy as it will be on the job meaning on real situations.
Vocational education and training: Sending staff to institutions like the TAFE and other external training organisations will give the staff the valuable knowledge and skills which can be an asset to the company. They can learn and comeback and improve service and also suggest in terms of improvement in the policies and procedures in enhancing the customer service.
Conferences: Attending conferences, workshops, expos will let one meet different people from the industry sharing ideas and valuable insight which can be used to enhance the service to the customers.
Explain in detailhow you would seek feedback from staff and customers to improve customer service practices?
Staff meeting: One can gather valuable feedback from the employees and this is one way you can get from staff is to have a meeting and ask them about it. They can give feedback since they are going through the actual situations dealing with customers and know what is working and what is not.
Suggestion box: This is a method which can be very powerful as the suggestion can be put by staff without having to put their names as some find it uncomfortable to talk to write their names. This platform can used by employees to give their very honest feedback.
Customer feedback: This can be done by asking the customer to fill a form which will include questions and ranges to grade for the service, and comments. You can compile this survey and use data to see what the customers think of the service and what needs to be improved.
Mystery shopper: This is again one person acting like a customer and staff are not aware of it. This person will experience exactly what other customers will thus giving us an idea on the level of customer service.
Explain in detail how effectiveyour developed policies and procedures were over the fourservice periods? Make two recommendationson eachof the policies or procedures to improve to improve service quality?
The policy and procedure I developed were implemented over a period of 4 service period at my work place. The management were very keen on knowing what the results will be as such policies and procedures did not exist before and even if it did the implementation was not there or no follow through was done. At first the staff were quite reluctant to follow the procedures but as they got used to it and saw how the customer reacted to it, it was very good. After the third day it came out naturally like acknowledging and greeting the customer and the customer was happy too which in turn will make the management happy.
The two recommendations I would make to improve the service quality is for all to follow it as some did not want to do it. I would like to approach the management to implement this policy and procedure, do a little training and follow through.
Explain in detailhow you would communicate these adjustments/improvements to staff?
I would communicate these adjustments/improvements to staff by sending them email, calling them for a meeting and letting them know what was not up to the standard and what needs to be done in order to enhance the customer service. I will let them know I came to this point by observing them whilst they were interacting with the customers. I would than ask the staff if they fully understood the policies and procedures and show them or train them even more until everyone understands it perfectly
Provide and explain in detail fivecharacteristics that a good role model should display when it comes to developing team members professional service standards?
Attitude: The good attitude is very important to do anything one does. The skills of doing some work can be taught but having a right attitude can never be taught, one has to have it. Having the right attitude towards what you do will make the team bond, respect each other and respect what you do so that you enjoy what you do and enjoying what you do will effects on the service you give to customers.
Good communication: A good role model should have a very good communication skills so that everyone is informed and understand, this is not merely the only reason. A good role model always motives other by the way he communicates.
Knowledge: A good role model should not only be knowledgeable but should also be open to listen and learn from others.
Optimistic: A good role model should be optimistic and see opportunity in everything. One can take criticism as a constructive criticism and work on it to make it better where by people will appreciate it and retain the customers.
Honest: A good role model should also be honest no matter. As the saying goes Honesty if the best policy people will see you being honest and will respect and appreciate you more.
Identify and explain in detail ONE formaland ONE informalmethod for EACHof the areas listed below.
Analysis of competitive environment and industry service trends
Formal( conduct a meeting with stakeholder and staffs to discuss upon the approach on the trend and present the statistics.
Informal( casual talk with staff and stakeholders upon the market trend and changes we should bring on keep on track.
Customer service surveys
Formal( all the written feedback whether in hard copy or digital like social media and google or email too.with all this record we are able to gain insight on future improvement.)
Informal( speaking to customer and asking how was their experience and how we can improve so let customers have better experiences.
Customer focus groups
Formal( have a professional sitting with a few numbers of people from diverse background vocing out their opinion and focusing on a group aim than personal.
Informal( no clear aim and directions just talking out ones mind.
Qualitative and quantitative research
Formal( check the sales record and review the comments on onlinesite.
Informal(setting up a mystery shooper to assess the customer service.
Seeking feedback from service delivery colleagues
Formal( instigate a survey on improvement of the customer service and business as a whole.
Informal( just ask and receive feedbacks from the staff throught casual talks.
Questioning customers
Formal(survey and questionaries for getting feedbacks.)
Informal( Go to customers and talk causally and ask their experiences.
Identify and explain in detailONEtrend in the internal environment and ONEtrend in the external environment for EACHof the areas listed below that may affect the way organisations do business and provide customer service.
Changes in the competitive environment
Internal(Using new trends in terms of technology as in using tablets to take orders will effect customer service.
External(Giving a package like a hotel room with meals and tour of the city to make it more attractive.
Economic climate
Internal(Changing the way you do business due to the changes in economy like cutting down on labour cost and getting better deal from suppliers to cut the cost which in turn will cut the price for the customers)
External(The economy such as inflation, the value of money, government policies will affect the spending power of the customer)
New technologies/equipment
Intenral(Implementing new technology such as tablet for taking orders will reduce the waiting time as the orders go straight to the kitchen)
External(Online shopping for food, ordering online, home deliveries using apps effects people as they can get what they want by a push of a button from their homes)
Management changes and workplace restructure
Internal(New polices and management at first will take some time to adjust and mistake will happen which will effect customer service)
External(As management changes and policies change there might be a entire change in terms of doing business such as new suppliers with new delivery times and schedules, pricing etc which will effect customer service)
Recruitment of staff
Internal(recruting staffs within the business for example if there is post of manager available,company could look for most eligiable from the staff and appoint him or her as manager which is better as he or she already is aware of the sorriunding)
External(getting new people on board through gumtree,seek, indeed and lots more app to help in rendering better customer service)
Trends in customer service
Internal( to compete and be along with the trend we need to introduce a style of food where it excites everyone and do something new like giving customers variety of options like vegan,only plant based or dairy free dishes)
External(during this covid people might feel unsafe so its better to install an app with wifi free so customers can order throught the app so people have to have less contact)
Identify and explain in detail twoopportunities you can provide to customers to participate in the development of customer service practices?
1 Questioning skills: Talking to customers and asking them about the service will provide a valuable information about the service in what needs to be improved. This is a very good practice as some customers do not like to complain out loud and asking questions or talking with them will let them open up and tell us what is wrong. Doing this will make them feel important and retain customers and also give us an opportunity to see what is lacking and where we overlooked
2 Customer survey: Giving forms for customers to fill to give us a lot of information on the products and service we provide. We can collect this information data and make a report on what needs to be improved, what needs to be added and so on. This report will help a great deal in the development of customer service practises and make the customers happy as we will be able to give them what they want or how they want.
Explain in detailwhy it would be important to take responsibility for customer service and dispute resolution?
-It would be important to take responsibility for customer service and dispute resolution because we should satisfy the customer by providing a very good service. By doing this we will be able to retain and also get new customers as the existing customers might talk to other people and these people might want to come and try us out. We can see this resolution as a performance indicator and use them constructively to improve the customer service. Complaints about similar things may indicate that we have a serious problem that we need to look into it and rectify it as soon as possible. If no one will take responsibility for customer service and dispute resolution the problem will not be solved and the business will go down.
Research and provide a detailed explanationfor each of the following that a workplace could implement to improve customer service? :
one industry method think about mystery shoppers, surveys.
To provide excellent customer service firstly we need to understand their needs, experienceswe can do this through telephone surveys or feedback form send via email, mystery shoppers is a methods used by marketing
research companies and organisations that wise to measure quality of sales and service, job performance regulatory complains like survey mystery shoppers data doesnt tell the full story it will highlight how well front line employees execute the brand promise but it becomes truly powerful when combined with survey data to provide insights into what matters most for customers.
one accreditation scheme think about Star Ratings
for example: accommodation ratings systems. The star ratings schemes covers a wide range of accomadation and consists of ratings from one to five stars in Australia and New Zealand. Star rating are an internationally recognised symbol for quality accommodation standards. They are used in more than 70 countries worldwide and reflect the cleanliness, quality and condition of guest facilities. Star ratings are awarded to six distinct accomadation categories like 1 Hotels 2 motels 3 service apartments 4 Hosted accommodation 5 caravan 6 self catering properties.
one Code of Conduct think about what type of code of conduct you could implement
Tourism Australia: As consistent with the tourism Australia a code of conduct of behaviour is a vital which is about health behaviour, protection and moral matter or get dressed codes of the employees are to follow. So in Tourism Australia code of conduct also deals with the ethical behaviour and decision making corporate values and behaviour ,responsibilities of employees,sexual harassment, recognise for the law, bullying and discrimination conduct in social media and dress code are included.
Research and provide a summary for eachof the following consumer protection laws as they relate to your workplace:
-nominating and charging cancellation fees
Business can only charge the customer with a lay-by termination fee if they cancel the agreement. There is no set amount or percentage for a termination fee, but it must not be more than your reasonable costs relating to the lay-by agreement (for example, storage and administrative costs that apply to the lay-by agreement). What is reasonable will depend on the circumstances and you should be prepared to justify that your costs are reasonable. A customer can cancel the lay-by agreement any time before delivery of the goods. If the customer cancels the lay-by agreement Business must refund the customer all amounts paid less any termination fee that was clearly specified in the lay-by agreement.If Business cancel the lay-by agreement or if the customer cancels the lay-by agreement because of something that was business fault (for example, the goods were damaged while in storage) company will not be able to charge the customer the termination fee.
-providing information on potential price increases
Its business responsibility to display the actual and sale price on the websites or on the displays and on the product packaging . Businesses can apply various fees and charges for goods and services. For example, some businesses charge booking and service fees that arise when purchasing goods online through a particular payment method. However, businesses cant mislead you into paying these fees without clearly telling you up front how much it will cost. In other words, any additional fees and charges must clearly be disclosed to you at the beginning of the online purchasing process. For example increase in plans of internet, phone networks, change in policies such as insurance, health covers, interest rates
-providing refunds
When we have amajor problemwith a product, you have the right to ask for your choice of a replacement or refund. For a major problem with aservice,you can choose to receive compensation for the drop in value below the price paid, or a refund. But if the problem is minor then we are not entitled for refund. Signs stating No refunds or No refunds or exchanges on sale items are unlawful, as they imply that its not possible to get a refund under any circumstances, including for faulty items. In fact your consumer guarantee rights still apply. Retailers dont have to give you a refund or exchange if you simply change your mind. Always check the stores returns policy.
-supplying products as described or substituting suitable products when unable
Businesses are not allowed to make statements that are incorrect or likely to create a false impression. This rule applies to their advertising, their product packaging, and any information provided to you by their staff or online shopping services. It also applies to any statements made by businesses in the media or online, such as testimonials on their websites or social media pages.
Businesses cannot make false claims about:
the quality, style, model or history of a product or service
whether the goods are new
the sponsorship, performance characteristics, accessories, benefits or use of products and services
the availability of repair facilities or spare parts
the need for the goods or services
Explain in detailwhy would it is important to review customer survey statistics to ensure quality customer service.
It is important to review customer survey statistics to ensure quality customer service because with the survey one would get valuable information in to what is lacking, what needs to be improved, added, what are customers looking for and so on. By looking at this one can develop plan and act accordingly which will naturally improve quality customer service
It is essential for businesses to receive feedback from their customers both internal and external regarding the level of satisfaction for the service we have provided. This may be done in formal or informal ways.
Please provide one exampleas to what may be discussed for each of the methods below:
Formal customer interviews
Internal – We can go and talk to the customer and ask them questions about the food, service, what they liked and didnt like, what would they like to get etc.
External – We can do only survey using technology like the email, face book and also get feedback through online like the trip advisor.
Staff meetings regarding customer feedback
Internal we can discuss the feedback we got during staff meetings and discuss how to improve and what steps or training is required in order to rectify and also appreciate and applaud the staff for the positive feedback they receive.
External Staff can meet in conference and seminar of same industry and discuss way of getting feedback verbally, the body language and how it would increase the customer satisfaction and hence increase customer service.

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