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To avoid fear of public speaking, we should realize that?
Group of answer choicesPublic speaking is simple, just speak a bit louder.
Public speaking is only changed by the more formal clothes we wear.
Public speaking is merely an extension of speaking skills we already have.
Public speaking is scary, so admit it and jump in.

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“That is an interesting thought. Since it is a bit outside the purpose of this talk, could we use it as next meeting’s topic?” is an example of what Q&A technique?
Group of answer choicesTabling a question
Establishing and communicating a time limit
Keeping your response calm
Paraphrasing the closing

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Trudy was glad to give live now where a speech focused on getting a customer to purchase rather than back in Aristotle’s day when speeches had such a formal structure. Does Trudy understand the history of speeches?
Group of answer choicesYes, speeches today only have one main idea in each.
Yes, today is far more casual in length and purpose than in Aristotle’s day.
No, Trudy is trying to persuade which Aristotle recognized as a primary purpose of speeches.
No, there were no sales presentations in Aristotle’s day.

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Lia was so anxious in her speech; she could not hold still. She moved away from the podium to walk back and forth across the podium. Was this a problem?
Group of answer choicesYes, her microphone might not reach.
No, that’s why there are slides on the screen for focus.
No, dissipating nervous tension is a good idea.
Yes, while this may remove tension, it can easily be distracting.

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Janine has a naturally low voice. She knows this is what many public speakers strive for. With that natural ability should she focus just on her talk or what other vocal quality?
Group of answer choices2.Always focus on the speech content, knowing with this skill she can speak more quickly.
Always focus on the speech content, but volume might also deserve special attention.
Pitch for women should be higher, not lower.
Having a leadership voice, lets her focus only on the speech content.

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Which of the following is the best opening to a speech requesting funding for a new fingernail polish?
Group of answer choicesYou will be excited to hear about this investment opportunity.
My name is Netty Neighbors and I own Netty Nails.
“Luck consists largely of hanging on by your fingernails until things start to go your way,” said Aaron Alston.
This proposal outlines Netty Nails expansion request.

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Cari has been asked to give a speech on safety regulations in her office. She’s worried that the topic will be boring and her audience won’t pay attention. What key aspect of the speech is she overlooking?
Group of answer choicesNothing, it is just a boring topic that is required.
Having a good joke to start the talk.
Picking a good time and place for the speech.
Thinking about what the audience will want to know about this topic

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In a speech on environmental impact, the audience is encouraged to submit written questions that will be responded to and sent out after the talk with the powerpoint slides. Is this a good idea?
Group of answer choicesNo. It makes it look like the speaker is not confident enough to answer the questions.
Yes. The speaker can share more information if not interrupted by questions.
Yes. Since this is technical, it is important to be very precise in how questions are addressed.
No. It avoid audience participation, which allows the audience to clarify open issues.

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Laila is training new call center associates and wants to ensure they understand the requires opening and closing call sequences. What is a good technique for her class of 20 new associates.?
Group of answer choicesComplete role play time with partnered employees.
Have a quiz at the end of the session.
Tell them and have the complete individual written scenarios.
Use powerpoint slides for each separate concept.

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For years, her friend made gentle fun for how her hands moved with about anything that she said. Cutting back on all that flailing will be important in the business context. Right, or not?
Group of answer choicesYes. Those movements might knock something over.
No. Being authentic comes first.
No. Body language is needed in all speeches.
Yes. Focus on the wording in a speech.

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Ryan is anxious about his first company speech. Which of the following will help him overcome this anxiety?
Group of answer choicesAsking a coworker to listen to a run-through of his speech.
Buying a new sports coat to look professional.
Knowing that the audience doesn’t know much at all about this issue.
Asking to be scheduled last, when most are thinking more about going home.

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Why do magicians often pull audience members on stage?
Group of answer choicesIt makes the magician look better compared to an average guy.
It increases audience engagement to have some participate.
It is a special fee they earn when that person pays more.
It is a way to have a plant in the audience make the trick look real.

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Why is an expert often not the best choice to give a speech?
Group of answer choicesAn expert may know so much that his or her ego may not let him or her do something so simple.
The expert may use too much scientific jargon, so the audience loses the main idea.
An expert needs charts and documents to explain minute details, and there is no projector.

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Which is the best title for a speech to the local chamber of commerce explaining your company’s upcoming engagement with the community?
Group of answer choicesTinyscapes now in Littleton
What Can Tinyscapes Do for You
Tinyscapes to Share Plans
Tinyscapes Eager to Support Littleton—Here’s How

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Whenever Lina trained corporate groups about the past years with a boss who made inappropriate advances she tended to tap or hit the podium. Should she stop?
Group of answer choicesNo. This is a sensitive topic and highly visible reaction.
No. They need to pay attention to this.
Yes. She should stick to the list of things-to-do-in-response.
Yes. Speeches should be strictly factual.

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Peggy often became frustrated in her Introduction to Psychology course as the professor answered one after another student question taking the further and further from the lecture topic. What has gone wrong?
Group of answer choicesNothing is wrong. Everyone should have a say in class.
The professor seems to have lost control of the audience.
Nothing is wrong. The professor is using the audience engagement technique.
The professor is using this as filler when not prepared to lecture.

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With crews working shifts that span 24 hours a day, what is one thing Satya needs to keep in mind as she prepares her live talk that will be replayed to employees on other shifts?
Group of answer choicesRaise and lower her voice to show her emotion
Wear a bit more make up for the camera
Keep it to 20 minutes or less
Look into the camera more than the live audience

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Her boss told her that putting the speech together about the new time card system would take three prongs to get everyone convinced. What three things could he be referring to in terms of composing her speech?
Group of answer choicesYears in charge of security, Costs to the company with inaccurate cards, Risk of unauthorized personnel
Logic, Upper Management Support, Company Expense
Cheating, Company Expense, Violations
Breakin results, Company Expense, New employee pictures

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Caleb wanted the employees to increase their donations to the company foundation. As he gave the annual report on foundation expenditures and benefits he added uplifting background music in various places. What techniques of maintaining and audience’s interest is Caleb using?
Group of answer choicesSuspense

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Having just finished an advanced degree in religion, Benjamin eagerly used his final thesis for his first talk. What probably went wrong?
Group of answer choicesA thesis is written with highly technical language of the field, leaving the common audience missing important understandings.
A thesis is copy-written material and should not be publicly reviewed.
A thesis is in either Greek or Latin so the audience will not understand.
A thesis is far too long for a single religious service.

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Carts have been rolling in to cars in the parking lot. Getting all employees to help manage the problem is the topic of Ishmael’s speech. What should he include in his approach?
Group of answer choicesManagement’s support for the one-employee one-cart policy, Employee fines
Number of customer complaints, Number of carts to be collected, Number each employee must do each day
Stories about the child hit by a rolling cart and the older woman who had no cart upon entering the store
His years at the store, Drop in customer satisfaction, Risk of damage to even employee cars

Flag this QuestionQuestion 221 pts
Jayden has one hour for this part of customer service training for new employees. Which is the best way to reinforce the learning?
Group of answer choicesPut the sales associates on the floor for one hour.
Introduce each concept and repeat it three times.
Set aside some role play time with partnered employees.
Have a quiz at the end of the session.

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Kerrie paid $100 to eat dinner and hear the candidate for governor talk. Which of the following summaries of the speech would leave Kerrie satisfied with her entry fee?
Group of answer choicesThe inspirational candidate theme music.
The candidate’s bashing of likely opposition.
The candidate’s abilities to discuss water planning stream by stream.
The candidate’s obvious enthusiasm and state-specific spending plans.

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If you have personal experience and feel emotional about a topic, how might your body language help your speech?
Group of answer choicesBe large enough to be seen in a large room.
Cover for the poor microphone sound.
Stimulate audience participation.
Distract them from not having all the facts updated.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 251 pts
Amelia, truly appreciated the paired speakers sincerity as they moved forward or back in synchronicity. When she saw them make the identical movements in a later convention, how did Amelia feel?
Group of answer choicesIndifferent. It was the content that mattered.
Deceived. Unlikely to trust the speaker.
Entertained. Speakers are the entertainment.
Amazed. Appreciative of the practice

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